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Hi there! I’m Acacia and welcome to the culmination of my lifetime of dreams — Liberty James. For those that don’t know me (yet) I possess the ability to burn a bag of popcorn, but can throw together a mean outfit.
From my Midwestern roots in Central Indiana to the concrete jungle of New York City I’ve always watched others make their personal choices in clothing to fit their personalities and daily lifestyles.
This dream could not have come true without the support of my family. How ‘bout you meet them? Shawn is my husband of 7 years and my rock. He’s the calm to my crazy and my biggest advocate.
Hudson is quite possibly the smartest person in our household. I’m constantly learning random bits of factual information while watching his imagination soar.
Harrison is me, just shorter and with the prettiest red curls you’ve ever seen! She loves all the girly things; but will sucker punch you if needed.
Hampton is the perfect encore to our family. He is the biggest mama’s boy and always getting into things he shouldn’t.
Now, how did we come up with a name? “Liberty James” has been in our hearts for years. “Liberty” is two-fold. My adventure in New York truly fueled the passion I have for the fashion industry. It made me driven, stubborn, and independent. I also want all women to feel that they have the “liberty” to dress how they want, without rules or boundaries. YES, you can wear white denim after Labor Day, mix those prints, etc.
“James” is after my grandpa. He has always been a huge part of my life and taught me to dream, and dream BIG.

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